Creative hiking and resilience retreat, Champery Swiss Alps


Date: 21st – 24th of June 2024

” A transformational experience – Step into natural clearing to reconnect with yourself, reenergise and reflect.”

This time-out is suitable for anyone who wants to experience the special power of nature to:

Connect: Nature holds the special power to connect with yourself and others in the group to gain clarity for important questions in life

Reflect: Take some time for reflection to rediscover you inner resources to go back home mentally and physically stronger.

Create: Ideas and inner strength for your own decisions to take back out into the world

The benefits? Oh, they’re as abundant as the wildflowers that dot the landscape. Designed to connect you back to nature, yourself and remind you of how resourceful and resilient you are.

Day 1: 21st of June, Arrival and summer solstice celebration

We meet at the train station in Champery at 2pm. From there we hike up trough a forest and along a creek to our wonderful guesthouse on the Barme plateau.

You will have some time to rest before a delicious dinner. After dinner we celebrate the summer solstice around a fire.

  • Night and dinner at Cantine de Barmaz
Day 2: 22nd of June, Hiking day, nature immersion and personal reflection

After a delicious mountain breakfast, we embark on a transformative nature immersion hike, where serenity meets self-discovery. We explore the wildflower fields of Barmaz and hike up to Col de Cou et du Brotolet. This pass is the boarder with France and one of the most important migratory bird observation sites in the Alps.

Engage in stillness amid nature’s embrace, soothing your nervous system and fostering a profound connection to the environment. Through this guided hike we’ll include journaling and creative art work. This warm and friendly session invites you to explore your inner landscape, creating a harmonious union between mind, body, and the natural world. Immerse yourself in this rejuvenating experience, finding tranquility through the gentle rhythms of nature.

  • Night and Fondue dinner at Cantine de Barmaz
Day 3: 23rd of June, Hiking and resilience coaching sessions

We take some time for private coaching sessions during our hiking day to the idyllic Refuge de Bonavau. We stop for a delicious lunch before making our way back along a beautiful hiking path. We include several workshops during out hike to expand your horizon, create clearing and spark creativity.

  • Night and final dinner at Cantine de Barmaz
Day 4: 24th of June, Consolidate and travel home

After the last breakfast in the mountains we start our hike back down to Champery. We should be in Champery around noon.
Individual travel back home.

● Why?

We keep speaking to amazing women who are feeling exhausted, stressed 

and stuck. They are bright sparks who feel they never have the time or the space 

to stop, slow down and reflect, to see the wood for the trees, to let in some light 

and fresh air. And from that clearing, to tune into their values and purpose, to 

think about what they have and want to achieve, and to get excited about new 

possibilities, their own unique potential and what might come next…. 

● So we decided to do something about it and test out bringing women together in 

a unique setting to create a clearing – to be, to think, to be refreshed and 

re-energised on a 4 day immersion in the mountains. 

● Through a combination of walking and being in nature; individual and group 

exercises that encourage self-reflection, creative exploration and help to unlock 

potential. All using creative, coaching and nature based approaches. 

● Run by:

Ella Alpiger, a mountain leader, teacher, resilience coach and ex ski champion;

Sarah Douglas, a creative business owner with a background in 

learning, engagement and social impact;

Eleanor Ford, people lead at a social 

innovation accelerator with a background in personal and professional coaching. 

● First session:

We are running the first session as a prototype, to test out some approaches and 

to learn if there is value for participants in the experience and our approach. With 

this in mind we are looking for women to participate in the initial retreat, who are 

happy to enter into the spirit of prototyping and learning with us, with openness. 


The wonderful Cantine de Barmaz guesthouse is the ideal place for our retreat. Here, no power lines that distort the landscape, we self-produce our energy, a real return to nature! You will find yourself in the middle of pastures strewn with hundreds of flowers, crossed by the torrents surrounded by a green forest. At night, the plateau is one of the few sites without light pollution, ideal for watching the Milky Way or shooting stars. You can choose between double and triple rooms, or dormitory rooms.


You will be in good hands during this nature immersion with the rose-hip team: Sarah is in charge of the creative work, Ellie for the coaching part and Ella for the Outdoor coordination.

Sarah is a dynamic and multifaceted professional! With her background in education, arts, and creativity, coupled with her facilitation experience and leadership roles, she’s well-equipped to inspire and empower others. Her expertise in designing and delivering learning programs and workshops suggests she’s adept at fostering innovation and sparking creativity in diverse settings.

Ella’s emphasis on resilience, strength, and managing pressure aligns well with the demands of both teaching and mountain guiding, where adaptability and perseverance are essential. Her expertise in navigating nature and understanding the terrain reflects her practical knowledge and ability to operate effectively in challenging environments.

Ellie: With her coaching background, Ellie is equipped to empower individuals to reach their full potential and navigate professional challenges effectively. This coaching expertise likely extends to her facilitation experience, where she can guide teams and professionals through complex processes and decision-making with clarity and insight.


We’ll meet at the train station in Champery on the first day at 3pm.

  • By train : Take a train to Aigle, the train will take you directly to Champéry. You can find the train schedule here.
  • By plane : Fly into Geneva Airport (GVA) , then take a direct train to Aigle and continue to Champery.


We have tried to keep the costs down for this first iteration of Rosehip.

The venue has a range of accommodation options from double rooms to sharing options (at varying costs).

  • 400.00 Swiss Francs per person in a standard double room.

Included in the costs: 3 nights at Cantine de Barmaz with breakfasts and hearty alpine dinners, Guided hikes, all workshops and activities during the 4 days, luggage transfer up to the guesthouse and back to Champery

Not included in the costs: Personal insurances, single room supplement, lunches and snacks, travel to Champery and back home


Join us for a rejuvenating gathering where we’ll create a space for introspection and growth. It’s a chance to reconnect with yourself, explore your purpose, and connect with other amazing women. Let’s expand our horizons, rediscover our values and superpowers, and spark our creativity together! It’s all about refreshing, energizing, and reigniting our mojo.

 …..This is more than just a retreat.

Hiking Kit List

  • Well broken in hiking boots/trail running shoes, should have a sturdy, vibram-like sole
  • Backpack 20-30L that fits well to your back
  • 2 pairs of Socks (one for the day, one for the hut)
  • Hiking pants or tights
  • T-shirt/long-sleeved top
  • 2 sets of underwear
  • Fleece (Thermal layer)
  • Thin down jacket
  • Gore-tex or waterproof pant and jacket
  • Small gloves
  • Buff/sun cap
  • Beanie hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Suncream
  • Personal toiletteries
  • Water bottle 
  • Phone with phone charger and extra batterie pack
  • Passport or ID card
  • Money cash CHF
  • Bank card

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