Patagonia Lake District Bike tour

Dates: November – March
  •  10 cycling days
  • Visit the beautiful towns Villa la Angostura, Bariloche, San Martin de los Andes
  • Famous 7 lakes route and volcano Lanin
  • Cycle on gravel roads and good forest paths on most parts with a few sections of paved roads

Biker in flowers field in Patagonia

A superb cycling tour through the Lake District of Argentina in Northern Patagonia. A landscape of snowcapped volcanoes, deep valleys, lakes and monkey puzzle tree forests set against the beautiful Andes.

Well paced, our route during the Patagonia Lake District Bike Tour is on a combination of quiet gravel tracks and paved roads that skirt immense lakes and pass through small villages and privat Estancias. This allows us to absorb ourselves fully in the Lake District, its people and their way of life. Accommodation along the way is a combination of small hotels, lodges, cabanas and family run Estancias chosen for their  hospitality and friendly welcome.
Our initial cycling takes us past the Nahuel Huapi National Park and it’s famos resorts Villa de Angostrua and Bariloche. Before heading along deep blue rivers and the 7 lakes route. The last days bring us to the foot of volcano Lanin near the town of San Martin de los Andes.

“We discovered a beautiful and fertile land at the northern gateway to Patagonia – a magical landscape filled with active volcanoes, turquoise rivers, gigantic lakes and ancient native forests. My highlight was seeing Andean condors swooping down from the foothills of the cordillera as we cycled into the step land.” 

Itinerary for our Patagonia Lake District Bike Tour
Day 1: Arrival day, Bariloche airport
Pick up at Bariloche airport and transfer to Villa de Angostura on the Nahuel Huapi Lake (1hr).
  • Night in Villa la Angostura
Day 2: Arrayanes forest and boat ride
We bike on the Quetrihue peninsula and explore the worlds only Arrayanes forest. A delightful catamaran ride brings os over Nahuel Huapi Lake to Bariloche.
  • Night in Bariloche
  • 30km
Day 3: Bariloche and Cerro Cathedral
We explore the beautiful forests and lakes around Bariloche and enjoy some great views from Bariloche’s ski area the Cerro Cathedral.
  • Night in Bariloche
  • 35km
Exploring the Patagonian step land and rivers
Day 4: Stepland
We head into Patagonia’s step land today and cycle east to a privat Estancia Lodge. Beautiful location on a river where we spend the night and enjoy a great Asado dinner.
  • Night at Estancia
  • 35km
Day 5: Limay river
We head towards the deep blue Limay river and follow it for a couple miles before reaching our Hosteria in a very small town next to the river
  • Night at Hosteria
  • 60km

Day 6: To the enchanted valley

One of our favorite days along Limay river and towards some fascinating rock formations at the Enchanted valley. Beautiful overnight location at the river. You will have some time in the afternoon to discover some old caves and relax at the river.

  • Night at Limay river near Confluencia
  • 20km
Day 7: Traful river
This area is famous for it’s rivers and the fly fishing. We continue following the Traful river today and cycle trough some wild landscape with great rock formations.
  • Night in Villa Traful
  • 40km
Famous 7 lakes area
Day 8: 7 Lakes road
A cycling day along many wonderful lakes on the famous ruta de los 7 Lagos.
  • Night near San Martin de los Andes
  • 70km, more than half on paved road
Day 9: San Martin de los Andes and Lago Lolog
We finish the 7 lakes road today and cycle to San Martin for a nice lunch at the lake. A short afternoon ride to finish our day at an other lake above San Martin de los Andes, Lolog Lake.
  • Night at Lolog Lake
  • 40km

Day 10: Junin de los Andes

On a gravel road and past some meadow the trip follows it’s way to the small town of Junin de los Andes. Junin is know as the fly fishers Mekka and it’s not far away from our final destination Lago Huechulafquen.

  • Night at Junin de los Andes
  • 30km

volcano Latin with huechulafquen lake in Argentina

Day 11: Volcano Lanin
After the first view kilometres on a paved road the amazing Lanin volcano comes in sight. Soon we’ll get to the lake shore and follow it to our final destination at the foot of volcano Lanin next tu Huechulafquen, Paimun and Epulafquen lake.
  • Night at Huechulafquen lake
  • 64km
Relaxing day
Day 12: A day to enjoy nature and the lake  
The locations is perfect for a day on the lake with a Kayak, a fishing day or just a relaxing day at the beautiful deck overlooking the lake and volcano Lanin.
Our location will immerse you in the beautiful lakes and volcanoes region of Argentina.
  • Night at Huechulafquen lake
Day 13: Bye-bye breakfast and End of trip
Enjoy a last breakfast in this beautiful location and get ready for your onward journey.
We can organize a transfer to San Martin airport which is only 45 km away or also a transfer to Bariloche airport.
Total Solar eclipse 2020 argentina bike tour
Map for our Patagonia Lake District Bike tour

This maps show where in Argentina we will be biking. The yellow lines are the bike tracks, red is car and coat over Nahuel Huapi Lake. You can see Bariloche airport in the South and San Martin airport in the north. The numbers are show where we stop every night:

  1. Villa la Angostura
  2. Bariloch
  3. Estancia near Bariloche
  4. Limay river Estancia
  5. Villa Traful
  6. Near Meliquina Lake
  7. Lago Lolog near San Martin de los Andes
  8. Final nights at Huechulafquen lake
Terrain for Patagonia Lake District Bike Tour
The Lake District’s beautiful yet rugged topography limits the number of available roads. Although we’ve carefully crafted this itinerary to feature a mix of the region’s most scenic dirt and sometimes paved road-biking routes, at times we encounter small trafficked areas, as well as a few sections of dirt roads with loose rocks and sand.

We sleep in handpicked small hotels, lodges and Estancias where we personally know all the owners. The locations are perfectly located along the trails and offer privat rooms with showers, great views and lots of nature.


Since Argentina is in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are the reverse of those in Europe. Departures are therefore organized between October and March, to take advantage of the longer, warmer days in the summer period.

Luggage transfer

This tour can be done with or without luggage transfer. Also you can choose to have an assistance car and driver with you at all time. That car would carrie your baggage and the driver can prepares lunches and snacks and you could jump in the car if you decide not to bike one day. 


Rental bikes can be ready for you at arrival on the first day in Villa de Angostura and we take them back for you at the last day. You can also bring your own bike.

We use an Argentine bike brand called Zenith which serves great for the roads and trails we ride. Check out the bike options.

Guided or self guided
This tour can be done as a self guided trip where you shuttle your own luggage with little trolleys but we recommend a fully organised tour with one of our local bike guides. 
Costs for Patagonia Lake District bike tour

Please get back to us to get a quote for your tour. Prices depend on style of accommodations, bikes and weather you go with a guide and/or luggage transfer or not.

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